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Linden STEAM Academy

Malden, Massachusetts

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A K-8 “innovation school” with a focus on STEAM, LSA engaged New Vista Design for a period of five years to help them develop their STEAM curriculum, teacher capacity, and project-based learning (PBL) frameworks.

Customized to the needs of each school we work with, New Vista’s approach to PBL and STEAM teacher training always follows a train-the-trainer model in which teacher capacity and leadership are developed along with a set of customized tools for the creation, tuning, exhibition and assessment of robust student projects. 

The five-year training effort at Linden STEAM Academy included:

  • Initial planning and coordination with LSA leadership
  • Introductory and intermediate level STEAM/PBL Workshops (see sample agendas)
  • Co-creation of web-based PBL planning and assessment tools
  • Creation of project materials acquisition framework
  • Bi-monthly meetings with PBL Leadership Team/Teachers
  • Onsite teacher coaching and classroom visits
  • Assistance with planning for student presentations and exhibitions
  • Coordination of curriculum with Tufts Center for Engineering Outreach
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