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Smart design is more important than ever when designing schools that not only support your current teaching and learning practices, but can also inspire and easily adapt to evolving practices and technologies over time.

New Vista’s customized and targeted approach quickly educates your design team and school community on current research and best practices in school programming, facility design, and master planning, and engages a wide range of stakeholders in a visioning process that not only builds ownership and excitement, but ensures that your “future-forward” vision for your district and school can be fully realized. 

Facility Design

K-12 Facility Design

New Vista provides customized educational planning and architectural design services and workshops designed to help schools and districts to maximize the success of their school design process. Workshops can be tailored to each phase of the school design process, helping stakeholders to clarify educational goals, expand their thinking with regard to architectural possibilities, and develop targeted, innovative, and dynamic building solutions. 


New Vista projects run the gamut from high- and mid-budget new construction and renovations, to large school conversions, to modular and temporary campuses, to low or no budget school "makeovers." Tailored to the needs of each new project, New Vista design consultation aims to quickly educate design teams and stakeholders on current research and best practices in school programming and facility design, and engage all participants in a multi-faceted and hands-on design experience that helps them to develop clearly articulated educational and architectural priorities, and arrive at inspired design solutions.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

New Vista offers a range of professional development workshops, curriculum design services, and ongoing technical assistance to support schools and districts in the creation and implementation of project-based, STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Science)-focused, and CTE (Career Tech) programming.

New Vista's work is grounded in David Stephen's 25 years of experience as a teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, curriculum coordinator for Jacobs High Tech High School, and teacher trainer for a wide range of public, charter, independent and CTE schools across the U.S.

Educational Visioning

Educational Visioning

With the goal of helping schools and/or districts to move their thinking forward, and thus take maximum advantage of the opportunities afforded by a new school design project, New Vista Design’s educational visioning process provides a targeted, sequential and thorough exploration of 21st century educational goals as connected to facility design priorities and possibilities. New Vista works closely with school leadership and key stakeholders to plan and facilitate a series of customized, highly participatory and engaging workshops that explore areas of focus determined to be most essential to each school’s design and visioning needs.

The visioning process begins with an exploration of future-ready teaching and learning and best practices within forward-thinking and technology-rich learning environments.     



Areas that may be explored include the following:


  • Best Practice Examples

  • Successful programs and initiatives

  • Curricular models and implications 

  • Virtual and physical school tours

  • Future Ready Learning Goals

  • The 6 Rs and 4 Cs

  • Student-centered learning, PBL, STEAM, and CTE

  • Technology integration and blended learning

  • Articulation of school’s 21st century learning goals

  • School and District Landscape

  • School character and traditions

  • Present and future learning initiatives 

  • Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Goal

All Services

All Services

  • West Bridgewater Middle Senior High School
    West Bridgewater, MA American School & University 2016 Architectural Portfolio Outstanding Designs: Combined-Level School BSA 2016 Educational Facilities Design Award: K-12 Facilities
  • High Tech High
    San Diego, CA American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2001 Educational Design Excellence Award Design Share 2002, 2003, and 2004 Honor Awards The Silicon Valley Business Journal 2005 Redevelopment Public Project of the Year
  • Essex Technical High School
    Danvers, MA Engineering News 2015 K-12 Education Award of Merit Learning By Design Annual Design Showcase, Honorable Mention 2016 Construction Management Association of America, New Construction Project of the Year 2015
  • CityWorks (Academic Vocational Curriculum)
    Cambridge, MA 1995 Ford Foundation Innovation in State and Local Government Award
  • Holbrook K-12 School
    Holbrook, MA 2017 North American Copper in Architecture Award
  • Da Vinci Wiseburn High School
    El Segundo, CA 2018 Building Design and Construction Silver Award

New Vista offers architectural design services that support school projects through each phase of the design process, and help design teams to develop targeted, innovative, and economical building solutions. 

Additionally, New Vista offers curriculum design services and technical assistance to support schools and districts in the creation and implementation of project-based, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Science)-focused, and CTE (Career Tech) programming.

Services include:

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