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TechBoston Academy

Dorchester, MA

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A pilot school within the Boston Public School system with a 20-year history of innovation, TBA engaged New Vista Design in its multi-year, 9th grade STEAM Studio Initiative, funded by a Barr Foundation grant, and in collaboration with the MIT School of Engineering’s Lemelson Center.

Customized to the needs of each school we work with, New Vista’s approach to PBL and STEAM teacher training always follows a train-the-trainer model in which teacher capacity and leadership are developed along with a set of customized tools for the creation, tuning, exhibition and assessment of robust student projects. 

Technical assistance to TechBoston Academy included:

  • Collaboration with STEAM Studio/MIT Lemelson Project leadership
  • Coordination with Boston Public School Office of Innovation
  • Academic visioning workshops with 9th grade teaching team
  • Ongoing 9th grade teaching team meetings
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