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Waltham High School

Waltham, MA

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A large and diverse district with a new high school building under construction, Waltham Public Schools engaged New Vista Design for a period of three years to train a Leadership Team of high school teachers as they began to implement their ambitious STEAM agenda.

Customized to the needs of each school we work with, New Vista’s approach to PBL and STEAM teacher training always follows a train-the-trainer model in which teacher capacity and leadership are developed along with a set of customized tools for the creation, tuning, exhibition and assessment of robust student projects. 

The three-year training effort within Waltham Public Schools included:

  • Initial planning and coordination with WPS leadership
  • Introductory and intermediate level PBL Workshops (see sample agendas)
  • Co-creation of web-based PBL planning and assessment tools, including Understanding by Design (UBD) project planning templates
  • Monthly meetings with PBL Leadership Team/Teachers
  • Onsite teacher coaching and classroom visits
  • Assistance with planning for student presentations and exhibitions
  • Coordination of curriculum with department heads and 9th grade ChangeMaker program
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