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The following are links to some curriculum and school design resources that I hope you find both helpful and thought provoking.

Curriculum Design and Project-Based Learning

Big Picture Learning

Internship and inquiry-based learning articles, videos, and publications.

The Buck Institute for Education

Project planning tools and PBL research.

Innovative education articles, videos, and PBL curriculum overviews.

Expeditionary Learning

Inquiry- and project-based tools, resources, and videos.

High Tech High

Project library, videos, and student and teacher digital portfolios.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Online framework, tools, and resources for 21 century skills.

PBL Online

Project planning tools and online library.

The New Urban High School Practitioners Guide (download pdf)

PBL and Internship guide co-authored by David Stephen.

Seeing the Future: High School Planning Guide (download pdf)

Academic visioning and planning guide co-authored by David Stephen.

Innovative School Design

Architects of Achievement

Virtual tours of inventive schools and small school design resources.

Architecture for Achievement: Building Patterns for Small School Learning

Book, co-authored by David Stephen, about small school design patterns for 21st century schools. Available for order on Amazon.

CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners)

School design research, resources, and international award programs.

Dollars and Sense II: Lessons from Good, Cost Effective Small Schools Download at:

Profiles of cost effective small school models

Thought Provoking Videos

Architecture for Achievement: Our Kids Deserve Better (view on youtube)

A tour of five schools and their approach toward creating personalized learning environments.

Comprehensive Assessment: An Overview

An Edutopia video about performance based assessment of 21st century learning goals and competencies.

Crafting POLs at High Tech Chula Vista

A discussion, facilitated by Rob Riordan of HTH about how to critique Presentations of Learning.

Changing Education Paradigms (view on youtube)

An animated talk about education by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert.

Project Based Learning at High Tech High (view on youtube)

Pearson Foundation and Mobile Learning Lab video about the High Tech High program and the schools founder Larry Rosenstock.

Tony Wagner: 7 Skills Kids Need for Their Future (view on youtube)

21st century skills that address the "global achievement gap" in the American educational system.


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